Graceful Grieving - Spiritual Grief Mentoring for Grieving Parents
Spiritual Grief Mentoring for Grieving Parents

When faced with a trauma like grief, animals respond according to their instinct,suppressing nothing. The animal's body shakes and trembles and they breathe deeply. If the animal feels like howling or growling, it just does so. Because of this instinct, the animal is able to return to its natural and graceful way of moving through life.


Our culture does not allow for true and complete grieving, particularly for the loss of an infant. Grief cannot be effectively processed in a "drive-thru, microwave, three-day-bereavement-leave" manner. The message we receive is clear: move on, don't dwell on the negative. We are forced to bottle up our true emotions as a means of making others comfortable when we are the ones needing comfort. We are congratulated for being stoic, but I assure you, stoicism in the face of loss is not graceful!


Sometimes, when we lose a loved one unexpectedly, our spiritual beliefs are challenged and even shattered. After my daughter died, I lost all faith in my spiritual belief system. My faith taught me the power of prayer and positive thought, and I believed with every fiber of my being that our daughter was going to make it. When she didn’t, my faith crumbled.  I couldn’t reconcile what had happened to me with my old belief system and I learned that once my relationship with God (as I understand him/her) was breached, my spirituality had to evolve or die. Spiritual Grief Counseling will guide you through your own process.


Miscarriage and Infant Loss:

Parents who have lost an infant to miscarriage, abortion, premature birth, SIDS or any other cause are plunged into darkness with very few true avenues to understanding, help and healing. Graceful Grieving represents the light these parents need to experience true healing, so they can find they way back to joy, hope and wholeness.


Tools in Graceful Grieving:

"Memorial Mandala" and "Birth Write, The Write Way to Grieve," will help you fully express your grief. As you create powerful memorials to your child, you will be given the chance to honor, probably for the first time, the very real relationship experienced between parent and infant from the moment you became aware of each other's existence, to the day you said "goodbye."


Free Spiritual Grief Counseling:

If you have lost an infant under the age of one due to miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, premature birth, abortion or any other cause, Gabrielle offers spiritual counseling at no charge. Donations are appreciated but no one is turned away for lack of funds.


Click here to inquire about sliding scale or free spiritual counseling.