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Infant/Pregnancy Loss Tele-Workshop

Beginning October 1, 2012, from 12:00pm ET - 1:30pm ET. On the call, Gabrielle Michel will guide you, a group of 12 callers through grieving the loss of your baby. The workshop will run 4 weeks in a row. To sign up, email


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Gabrielle Michel is an interfaith minister and spiritual counselor. In 2004 she experienced a major spiritual crisis. February brought the miscarriage of her first baby. July: the death of her younger brother. In October she said goodbye to a dear friend who succumbed to emphysema. And on December 22nd, she joyfully welcomed her second baby into the world, only to say goodbye to her the very next morning when death claimed her as well. Seeking solace in the midst of great spiritual pain, Gabrielle embarked on a quest to find comfort, eventually becoming a Grief Recovery Specialist. Her studies, ministerial and spiritual counseling experience, along with her own recovery from deep despair, make Gabrielle a compelling, relatable speaker on the topic of grief. Though the subject is dark and painful, her resilient spirit, disarming sense of humor and accessible demeanor allow her to produce workshops that engage, inspire and empower.


If you would like Gabrielle Michel to give one of these workshops for your organization, please contact her at


Graceful Grieving currently offers 3 Workshops:

  • Birth Write: The Write Way to Grieve
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  • Surviving an Infant or Pregnancy Loss
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  • The Memorial Mandala Workshop
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