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About Graceful Grieving, Inc.

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

"Grace is a state of holiness, of wholeness, of connection to life, and of unity with the divine.This state is also one of health."

~Dr. Alexander Lowen, Founder of the International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis in New York

Graceful Grieving is a new approach to healing the spiritual wounds of grief, including anger with God, and the loss of faith. Combining ancient spiritual wisdom, years of spiritual study, her own personal experience and the critical analysis of more than 50 books about grief and surviving the loss of an infant, Gabrielle developed a true and complete grieving process called Graceful Grieving.


Graceful Grieving is a unique blend of Grief Recovery, traditional hypnotherapy, Archetypal Therapy, spiritual counseling and guided meditation. Using this method, Gabrielle gently guides her clients through the grief process, empowering them to establish a new and different connection with Spirit and their lost loved one. Graceful Grieving will change the face of grieving, making it more acceptable to respond to loss in the most healing of ways, fully and gracefully.


We must learn that expressing our grief is true strength. The Graceful Grieving process teaches people a graceful way to move through grief physically, emotionally and spiritually and seeks to provide every grieving person a loving, supportive environment in which to do so safely and completely.


About Spiritual Counseling with Gabrielle:


"I had grieved for many years because of two abortions I had 30 years ago. No matter how I rejoiced in my children and grandchildren, the sadness and guilt over what I had done darkened my life. After spiritual counseling with Gabrielle Michel, I have a sense of peace and joy about my unborn children. I feel a reconnection with them which lightens my soul."

- D.P. Asheville, NC


About Graceful Grieving the Book:

"Amazing. I really want to encourage you to get this published ASAP. So many parents do not have the kind of language available to them, that your REMARKABLE book provides. You have provided an enormous expression of strength, tolerance, love, compassion, empathy and understanding. Thank you for writing this. When it is ready, please let me know. I am on the list of orders for your publication. Thank You."

- Judy McLaughlin-Ryan, MFT, Westwood, CA


About Gabrielle Michel's "Into the Faith" Music CD:

"It is a wonderful CD. I have enjoyed listening to it." - Dolly Parton, singer/songwriter


"[Gabrielle has] a uniquely beautiful, haunting quality that touches your heart." - Lee Sweetland, singer/vocal teacher


"I am so moved by the quality of your voice, the ability you have to transmit spirit, life and transformation!" - J.McR., Westwood, CA


"Your CD is beautiful, heart felt, and strong...I can feel the emotion pouring out of it." - Susan Herner, literary agent


"I listened to your CD today and just wanted to say how beautiful it is...It is just so wonderful...I won't be minding traffic for a while with this to listen to." - L.M. Encino, CA